Empezó el Coffee Master

Coffee Master started

Note taken from the article: "Coffee Master 2023: our five recommended ones to enjoy", written by: DINERS MAGAZINE. published by DINERS MAGAZINE on its website: https://revistadiners.com.co/estilo-de-vida/gastronomia/130629_coffee-master-2023-nuestros-cinco-recomendados-para-disfrutar/ . on August 14, 2023 .

Just as Diners magazine maintains in its article,"Coffee Master 2023: our five recommended ones to enjoy", we are happy to participate in this event where in addition to participating with our designer drink, we join as sponsors of the event, all with the objective of sowing coffee culture in the capital of the country and delighting the palates of everyone who visits our stores and dances the TROPICAL DANCE with us.
nairo prepares coffee
As Diners Magazine says:

"Nairo coffee has been armed with a team of first-class baristas who are ready to surprise you with coffees from Boyacá, Nariño, Cundinamarca and the Coffee Region, exalting the work of coffee growers and the national flavors that are so sought after worldwide. "

"For Coffee Master 2023, it presents its Danza Tropical drink, a proposal to enjoy in three courses, where the power of the flavors can increase or decrease depending on the palate that tries it. And that is precisely where its surprise factor lies, as it must prepare your mouth with a sip of espresso coffee served in a martini glass and then taste each of the syrups that form the flag of Colombia, prepared, of course, with tropical fruits from Colombia."

"Headquarters: Parque de la 93, Calle 70 # 5-57, Nuestro Bogotá shopping center, Fontanar."

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