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We develop roasting under 2 fundamental pillars:

1. The taste of whoever knocks on our door.

2. The taste of the market where the coffee is directed.

Some of our customers


Wonderful smooth taste without the bitterness of most dark roast coffees. This is a great choice for anyone who likes a strong coffee flavor but worries about a new choice being bitter. This coffee is perfect for my coffee palette. I will purchase again and recommend to anyone looking for a bold and smooth coffee.

To Gann

Mild. Good for the evening when you don't want to get too hyper. Not for waking you up in the morning. It was very fresh. Well packaged and easy to reseal. Nice smell. Pleasant taste, especially if you like mild coffee


For a self-described, medium-ark roast, this is a rich tasting coffee that isn't bitter and tastes smooth. Hailing from the suburbs where burnt-roasted sbux commands the market, it's hard to find a coffee that is as strong or bold as sbux. Joe's is more along the lines of a medium/light roast in comparison with sbux and has no oiliness whatsoever, which is usual with a fresh grind on sbux beans. Overall, it's a good drip for sipping, just a little pricey compared to all of the other offerings in the coffee market.

crazy husky

Decent coffee, ground up nice, smelled good. Taste was not pretty smooth and overly acidic like some can be. Best of all it was not burnt like a certain popular brand usually is. I do like mine stronger a bit though.


I am thoroughly satisfied with this bag of Joe's Famous Colombian 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee! It promptly arrived and was professionally packaged. It was free of issues and imperfections. I was able to easily manually grind the beans at home. This is a very high quality micro-roast of high altitude coffee beans! The flavor is amazingly smooth and delicious. It is not acidic or bitter! These beans work well for all types of coffee beverages! My household and guests love this as much as I do. I highly recommend this and plan on getting more!

Toni Vargo

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