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The Gabi Master B

We seek to awaken unexplored senses!

The Gabi Master B is a drip accessory that makes manual coffee preparation easier. The Gabi distributes the brewing water evenly throughout the ground coffee, resulting in a homogeneous extraction and delicious coffee flavor.

The Gabi is a perfect tool for all coffee lovers. It makes life easier for beginners as they do not need to use a gooseneck kettle. And the most experienced will definitely be satisfied with unsurpassed consistency.



The Gabi is made of Tritan, a durable, non-toxic, food-safe copolyester. The water is poured into two tanks (inner and outer), from which it flows through 33 evenly distributed holes. Its 14 cm width makes it compatible with the most popular drippers, such as Hario V60, Kalita or Chemex (except the 10-cup size). A carrying bag is included.


How to use it

The Gabi is very easy to use!

You simply put The Master B on top of a dripper with the filter and coffee.

You pour hot water into the Gabi,

And voila that's all you really have to do!

Depending on the amount of coffee you want to make, simply repeat the step when the water is completely flowing. A single pour is about 120ml, and it takes about a minute for the water to go down the holes.

You can prepare approximately 360 ml of coffee in 3 minutes, dividing the process into 3 pours.

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The Gabi Master B
The Gabi Master B
The Gabi Master B
The Gabi Master B
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  • Quality

    The coffee of this origin is a micro lot carefully selected and roasted by our quality team.

  • Service

    In us you will find a friend who will teach you how to get the most out of your cup and is here to listen to all your concerns.

Frequent questions


No, all our coffees are natural and the notes they have are given thanks to the ecosystem where the plant grows and the skill of our roasting team that manages to highlight key flavors in each cup.


Our coffee does not always taste the same because we always roast at a medium level, and no matter how much we get the same origin, from the same farm, in the same month of the year, its characteristics will change.

This is why our value promise is to always give you excellent coffee, but not the same cup every time.


At 9.30 we believe that the best coffee is the one you like the most, key tips are:

1. Try to buy your coffee beans and grind it for each preparation.

2. Make sure your coffee packaging always has a degassing valve.

3. If the coffee leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth at the end, you had a great cup.

Get the most out of your cup